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Welcome to the Biblical Prophecy Resource Center.  It is our prayer and hope that this site will provide you with interesting and useful information concerning Biblical prophecy and the unending love of God. 

The site navigator at the left will guide you to the various places in the site.  Also, the Bible navigator at the left can be used to take you straight to any verse in either of our two Bible translations.  We have the complete Bible in the King James translation and in a modern English translation called the World English Bible.  Both contain illustrations and the World English version has helpful footnotes. 

Please send us mail with your comments, questions and suggestions.  We even appreciate being told we’re wrong.  We would, however, like you to follow certain guidelines which are described here.  Following these guidelines will allow every discussion to be edifying to all and not destructive to someone’s faith. 

We hope you enjoy your visit and that you will return often.  This information is very dynamic and we will be updating it very often.  May your relationship with Jesus begin and/or grow because of your visit here.

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Please send any comments, questions and/or suggestions to us.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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